Worldshift Happens!: Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind

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Some wireless printers allow the wireless antennae to be turned off via an internal network setting, so contact the manufacturer for directions. A mouse with a cord has no wireless radiation emissions there is no setting to change. Remember: If a user or tracking device is wireless, it has wireless radiation emissions. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has discovered in a recent investigation that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna. There is also a function key that turns OFF the Bluetooth transmissions.

Some very disturbing observations from a professor of psychology researching generational differences for 25 years. And many of these observations may not just apply to young people. Like her peers, Athena is an expert at tuning out her parents so she can focus on her phone. She spent much of her In my conversations with teens, I saw hopeful signs that kids themselves are beginning to link some of their troubles to their ever-present phone. Athena told me that when she does spend time with her friends in person, they are often looking at their device instead of at her.

Decrease your exposure by increasing your distance from emitting sources. For example, always keep cell phones and wireless laptops away from your body. Become aware of the various emitting sources in your surroundings so you can maximise distance from as many of them as possible. Keeping a distance is just the first step in reducing your risk. The next step is installing safe corded connections so you can eliminate these sources of radiation entirely.

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Fifth generation wireless threatens to massively increase electromagnetic radiation, affecting people and the planet. The rollout of 5G is another great example of how our federal health regulatory agencies have been completely compromised by big powerful corporations. You would think with more than 10, peer-reviewed studies showing clear danger with regards to electromagnetic radiation overdose, something our planet is experiencing, that these technologies would be required to go through some safety testing.

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The truth is, if they went through any type of safety testing there is no way they would be approved. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Rachel Wild. Or do any of them actually work? Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton promoting 5G voda fone ad on his I In today's frantically busy world, how can we find the time to live spiritually?

What does living spiritually mean, anyway? Why are we even here? What is the point of it all? Spiritual Living for Busy People answers all of these questions, and many more. His book is marvelous and I loved reading every word of it. I recommend it to anyone who thinks for themselves! The Fearless Path by Curtis Rivers.

Have you somehow lost direction and drifted off-course? Are you finding that despite your best efforts, personal success and career fulfilment still elude you?

Guide Worldshift Happens!: Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind

Follow the author on an amazing trek through mysterious eastern mountains and unlock the amazing secrets that will take you from an existence of lack and limitation, to the life of freedom you were born to live. Curtis Rivers is a 'Law of Attraction' expert who has harnessed fear. Eliminating the fear that holds most people back, he shows you how to clear the path to unlimited success.

This expertise evolved from his days as a top Hollywood Movie Stuntman. Using the methods openly shared in this book, Curtis has bypassed fear to win a Screen Actors Guild award, gain prestigious inclusion into the Hollywood Stuntmens Hall of Fame, and break two Guinness World Records. Curtis now delivers powerful keynotes and seminars that change the way people think, helping them to smash through fear and transform their lives.

In this timely and timeless book, Dr. Robert Atkinson offers a deeply thoughtful narrative of conscious evolution drawn from the continuous wisdom of the world's religions. The Story of Our Time inspires hope as it traces love's unifying power throughout history to its presence in our midst.

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Don't be distracted by seeming setbacks; this big picture view of conscious evolution and human progress points toward the promise of peace on earth. Unity is our ultimate destination. How we get there depends upon the stories we live by and the action we take.

Alexandra Heintzelman Sharma. Has the busyness of life gotten you down? Take heart my friend, and open the pages of this book! Let the inspired poems, messages and scripture comfort and invigorate you. Today more than ever, people want authentic advice for real help. Something So Real provides that help with proof positive as lived out by the author herself.

As you read the poems and life lessons, let them lift you up and instill confidence in your mind, body and soul. You who are fearfully and wonderfully made. A native of Franklin, Tennessee, Shannon Williams Kaprive has lived her life with enthusiasm while enjoying a career in the corporate arena for 41 years working in public relations, employee training and development, human resources, and most recently as a personal coach. God's gentle whispers to my soul beckoned me to a new calling and a richer way of life.

Worldshift Happens!: Facing Down the Fear, Waking Up the Mind

She enjoys beach life, writing, journaling, coaching, and encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest with heart and soul, as God leads the way. In honor of truth, wisdom and the individual spirit. A Companion on your Wonder Trail where stunning art and transformational words dance together. A gift for those you love.

Carolyn North (Author of In the Beginning)

A gift for yourself. Within the book are carefully authenticated quotations from men and women of nearly fifty North American tribes. The Black Knights converse over the Fragments. Yuka awakens the next morning to see Kakeru dozing on a chair beside her bed. He enquires if she is alright and Yuka assures him and declares she wishes to protect him. Downstairs in the living room, Misuzu and Takahisa discuss Yuka's power, the Red Night and the reason they are chased by the Black Knights.

Kakeru confronts Kukuri about the notebook and asks her to leave Yuka alone. After Takahisa leaves to in search of Yukiko, Misuzu checks the oni barrier around her house, which shows hairline cracks. Meanwhile Yukiko tells Takahisa about how much everyone means to her and how much loss she has suffered as Kakeru follows Misuzu to her dojo, where Misuzu shows him the mark branded into her shoulder.

She then cuts herself and offers Kakeru the power of the Kusakabe by drinking her blood. Yuka witnesses this intimate moment and then faints. Shiori comes and tells Kakeru and Misuzu everything about the Red Night and about the Black Knights, revealing herself to be a young magician and librarian of a secret magical organization called the Index.

In her explanation, she shows several key facts, starting with the girl in the crystal, Lisette. Lisette is actually the mirror image of a wicked witch named Liselotte, who seeks to destroy the world to fulfill her lover, a man named Verard's, dying wish.

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However, by doing so, the various members that accomplished it turned into hideous creatures who are now called the Black Knights, who guard Liselotte's seal. While Liselotte remains trapped, due to her immortality, her soul could only be separated, so that is what the Black Knights did. They split her soul into seven pieces and threw them into different human bodies that resided in different parallel worlds, which have now all been brought together mysteriously in the same world in the form of Kakeru, Yuka, Yukiko, Misuzu, Takahisa, Kukuri, and Shiori.

If all the fragments of her soul are recollected into Liselotte's body, she can grant her wish to destroy the world by sending it into Hell via the black moon. This makes the Black Knights hunt them for their souls. Shiori is forced to stop when the Red Night appears, and the group is immediately engaged in battle. Liselotte awakens and proceeds to kill Yuka and absorb her fragment. Kakeru envisions the flashback and try to reflect the power, but fails.

Now that Yuka and Yukiko's fragments have been absorbed, Liselotte gains her dark powers again. Avaritia, in order to protect the remaining fragments, teleport Misuzu and Kakeru out of the Red Night, while Shiori stays behind to fight Liselotte alongside Misao and Avaritia in his dragon form, Georgius. Meanwhile, Kakeru and Misuzu try to find out if Yuka is still alive and tries to find their way back into the Red Night.