What would you do with one hundred shoes? (The Monkeyshines Family Book 1)

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It was his joy that made the rainbow, of course, for it was just printer's ink for ordinary eyes. The Wind Boy was recently republished, so if this is it, it should be relatively easy to find. This sounds a bit like Adopted Jane by Helen Daringer although I do not remember Jane getting a scolding for not airing bed. I believe she is the sole child taken in by the woman.

S I just skimmed the whole book, Adopted Jane , and I feel sure it is not the right one, although she might enjoy it. The description reminds me of the opening scene of Understood, Betsy!

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Hence the constant "Understood, Betsy! Phyllis Whitney's Secret of the Emerald Star has a mention of snowball bushes. They surround the home where Stella lives with her grandmother. Stella is blind and lives next door to the main character, Robin. I don't know if this is your memory but snowball bushes are found in this story! Emily lives alone with her grandfather and they have snowball bushes in their yard.

These figure in the story because her grandfather wears them in the veteran's day parade. Widely reprinted and readily available, it used to be a standard in doctors' and dentists' waiting rooms I sent in a Book Stumper Short stories for children with lessons and got a response of Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. That is not the one I recall.

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My stumper did not have religious references or Christian messages. It was just stories with morals that make sense to young children. It was not illustrated and had to have been published in the late 's or early 's, at the very latest.

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I purchased Uncle Arthur's book and it is totally wrong. Perhaps she's forgetting the Christian elements because they came across as unintentionally mawkish, e. Bobby was dead, but Jesus had understood. Other stories include siblings who start a secret company to help others, and a little girl who's craved a doll for Xmas but, receiving it at a party, spies a beggar child looking in from the street and immediately gives her the doll.

It's possible that there were different editions of Uncle Arthur over the years which were heavier or lighter on the Christianity depending on the mood of the times. S Try looking up 'lynx' in A-to-Zoo , reference book which catalogs titles by animal. Catherine Woolley, Libby Shadows a Lady. But the woman Libby, while on Easter vacation in New York, overhears on the pay phone is actually talking about a bombing involving the Federal Reserve Bank, not the U.

A Little Old Man. Little old man lives in house on tiny island, wishes he had company.

Storm washes house out to sea, but boat with completely stocked cabin washes in to become his new house. As luck would have it, boat also carries cat with kittens.


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I have this story in a book of short stories about Christmas. Unfortunately, it's packed away in my storage building, but I believe it is " Ten Tales of Christmas ". When I get a chance I'll get it out and make sure.

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Bill James coined the term Sabermetrics for studies such as the one described and wrote several books providing statistical evidence, for example, that with a runner on first base, a sacrifice bunt is almost always the wrong strategy. There are no James titles as early as the '60's, however. The tale usually told concerns her legendary racing speed, but she also appears to have helped demolish a boar that was terrorizing her town. Definitely an early feminist type. The version I have is in a book of short stories, but I think that it was first published as a picture book.

Princess Bedelia does not want to marry old, ugly and wicked Lord Garp so she sends him on two quests, one of which is to bring her a cloak made from the skins of the salamanders who live in the volcano of Scoria. She manages to avoid marrying him because she is so practical. Babette Cole, Princess Smartypants , This sounds most similar to the plot of Babette Cole's "Princess Smartypants", but the publication date of that is later than you seem to be thinking.

Another possibility is The Practical Princess by Jay Williams , in which the Princess Bedelia uses common sense to accomplish a series of tasks too difficult or dangerous for the princes who want to marry her. It shows up in more than one collection of his. S sounds like I53, Silly Will. Perhaps putting clues form both requestors together will help solve the mystery?

I think I know the book you're asking about. The name of the story you're referring to is "Silly Will. The illustrations almost look like Tibor Gergely's work, but no way to tell. Wish I had more info. I'm hunting too! Maybe one of the editions was a softcover? Duvoisin, Roger, Spring snow , A farm couple, their house and all of their animals get covered by a spring snow. A two page spread is entirely white. But since it is spring the snow melts fast and the illustrations show different animals, people and house emerging from the melting snow.

The suggestion that Roger Duvoisin's book is the solution turned out to be wrong. I found that book and checked it out and was disappointed to find it wasn't it.

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The one I want to find has a page with birds on a branch covered in the spring snow very disgruntled I might add. Thanks anyway. NY Harcourt Brace I'm a bit dubious about this one, since the date is just too late and it doesn't match entirely, but since it's all I've been able to find so far A young boy who lives alone except his two hound dogs goes on his horse to London to find a wife, trades the horse for a cow, and on and on goes the trading.

The song, Swapping Song, with the sheet music is on the last page. Thank you very much for this suggestion. I had not heard of this author before but having researched the book, Was it a Good Trade, I find that it is not the one I am looking for. Chase, Richard, Jack and the Three Sillies. NY Houghton Another possible.

Jack goes off to market to sell the cow, but keeps swapping down for other animals until he returns home with a rock. His wife sets out to find three people more foolish than her husband. I am very grateful for this suggestion but having looked at a detailed description of the tale, "Jack and the Three Sillies", I can confirm that this is not the book I am looking for. Something like that happens in this book -- it may have only been at the end, though, so it's probably not the one you're thinking of.

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I have researched the details and while it appears to be a very enjoyable book , it is not the one I am trying to find. Try Peter Dickinson's " Weathermongers " trilogy Thank you for this suggestion. Unfortunately this book appears to have been written many years after I encountered the book I am trying to locate. The cat does make the children well, but not by licking. Held off posting, since this is a bit of a longshot, but no one seems to have other ideas Paul Gallico, Jennie. Any chance this could be one of Paul Gallico 's cat books? I recently saw a fabulous copy of Crockett Johnson's Time for Spring that includes a snowman who promises to return next winter Betty Cavanna, Joyride.

This is a really long shot I'm pretty sure one of the boys in her class is named Norman and he's sort of a nerd.

Winterfeld, Henry, Star Girl. NY: Harcourt I'm inclined to think that the poster is mixing up two memories. There was a s cartoon show called The Funny Company featuring a little girl called "Shrinkin' Violette" who shrank when she felt shy or embarrassed you can see pictures here. The other memory might be the Winterfeld book Star Girl , about Little Mo, who falls to earth and is helped by earth children. There is a book called Shrinking Violet about a little girl who comes out of her shy shell when she is cast as Lady Space in the school play - but that was only published in !

Something about the description reminds me of the stories written by Manly Wade Wellman.