The Fat Woodworker

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"woodworker" in Polish

This impersonation was so convincing that he retreated in bewilderment into the Piazza San Giovanni. There he met Donatello, who inexplicably addressed him as Matteo, and shortly afterwards a bailiff, who likewise hailed him as Matteo and then promptly arrested him for debt. He was taking to the Stinche prison, where his name was entered in the gaol book as Matteo.

Humour is often said to be the most transient thing. Renaissance comedy was invariably cruel. The carpenter spent a sleepless night, fretting over events but solacing himself with the thought that he was merely a victim of mistaken identity. This comfort evaporated the next morning when two strangers — the brothers of the real Matteo arrived at the prison and claimed him as their kin.


They paid his debt and liberated him, though not before chastising him for his supposed gambling and profligate living. Over the course of an evening he almost became convinced that he had indeed metamorphosed into someone else.

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He was then put to sleep with a potion supplied by Filippo and carried, unconscious back across the river to his own home. He was laid on his bed in a reversed position, with his head at the foot and his feet at the head. Awakening many hours later, the poor carpenter was confused not merely by his position on the bed but also by the disarray of his house, for his tools had been completely rarranged.

These two men now treated him differently, greeting him as Manetto and relating the curious story of how the previous evening their brother Matteo conceived the fantastic notion that he was someone else.

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The Fat Woodworker av Antonio Manetti. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. It is the tale of a prank engineered by the great Renaissance architect, Filippo Brunelleschi , played upon an unsuspecting and perhaps less-than-brilliant friend and woodworker named Manetto, in reprisal for the woodworker's social slight. While the prank is indeed cruel, it is so ingenious, and the victim is so comical, that the reader soon forgets the architect's - and the author's - malice and settles in for a delightful turn as part of the unfolding conspiracy set in motion by Brunelleschi's circle of friends.

The tale brings the reader into the social world of Florence's craft- and tradespeople, its lawyers and judges, artists, architects and intellectuals and gives a vibrant sense of the city's close-knit social fabric, its packed streets and busy shops and offices.

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