The Blue Birds Winter Nest

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Bluebird populations are directly linked to human behavior. In the early 20th century, loss of habitat and competition for nesting cavities with the more aggressive house sparrows and European starlings had the species in serious decline.

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Fortunately, humans came to the rescue when enthusiasts realized these beauties were in trouble. Building nest boxes for them became a popular hobby, and the species began to rebound. This piece serves to inform both the novice and experienced birder. Bluebirds are a blessing to me; they are so beautiful to me. They have become a great source of comfort.

I am a 14 year cancer survivor. When I see them at their nest box or when they are eating meal worms from the tray feeder, I stop and think just how much GOD loves us to create such a beautiful creature for our enjoyment. Thank You. The past three years we have had bluebirds nest in our front yard. We have a house that faces east, there is a pond across the street and a cherry tree by the house.

About Bluebirds

They raised two broods of young this year. I have some awesome pictures of them poking there heads out of the house and sitting on top of the house. I also pictures of them in the cherry tree when it was in blossom what a background to there blue color.

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This year Sparrows were relentless. We cleaned out each Sparrow nest, but a male Sparrow stayed next to the house guarding it while waiting for a mate.

When a Blue bird finally tried to move in the Sparrow almost killed it. My husband found the BB in the house bleeding and with few feathers left on its head. Needless to say we did not have a nesting pair this summer. What can we do next year to keep the Sparrows away???

Make sure there are no perches on any nest boxes. Many people think that birds need a perch to enter a box which is not true. Perches make it easy for predators to gain access. A friend who monitors bluebird boxes for the BB society in the park near my house, and having problems with house sparrows invading, placed a piece of wood with a hole over the existing hole to deepen the entryway. There were wires on the outside surrounding this hole. After years of both good and bad luck with bluebirds, one tip I want to pass along is to place the house on a metal fence post covered with a plastic pipe.

A baffle at the top is extra good protection from raccoon predation. If placed on a tree ants will attack the new babies. Good luck!! I loved this article!

Eastern Bluebird

I have been helping the bluebird population for over 20 years. Hubby builds their nest boxes. I whistle my special tune when I go out to feed them their live or freeze dried mealworms. In they come and so delightful, especially when the little one come in. I have many different birds, but they are my Bluebirds of Happiness! My bluebirds use ONLY pine needles.

Are bluebirds in the area of Temecula, Ca.

How to Host Nesting Bluebirds

We are in southern Riverside County. We have Mexican Blue Jays. Would they be compatable?

How you can help bluebirds bounce back

I have bluebirds most of the year. I live on a golf course Seven hills that has a couple ponds.

The Endless Winter of 2018 when will bees fly and birds nest? Soon?

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Sharpe One Planet. Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. Replies to my comment. Leave this field blank. House sparrows are smaller than bluebirds, so they cannot be physically excluded from the boxes. Some evidence suggests that house sparrows are less likely to nest in boxes mounted low on a pole below 5 feet. House sparrows often are found in residential areas and where animals are fed grain, so do not locate nest boxes near such areas.

Please Note:

Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers, wrens, and flycatchers might also use bluebird nest boxes. To attract migrating bluebirds, prepare the boxes for use by February. Leave them up year-round, since overwintering bluebirds use them for roosting. To ensure that they are weather-tight and clean, open the boxes after each nesting season and remove all nesting materials.

Leave the boxes open for several days in good weather to air them out and dry them, if necessary. This will help reduce problems with insect infestations. Do not use pesticides in the boxes. Bluebirds are attracted to shallow water for bathing. Place flat rocks at varying water depths to provide secure footing and allow bluebirds to select the depths that they prefer.

Bluebirds are also attracted to dripping water. Commercial drippers are available, but a garden hose hung over a bird bath will also work. Bluebirds are more likely to use water that has perches nearby. Locate water sources near existing perches, or plant shrubs and trees near the water source. Bluebirds rely on fruit for more than 30 percent of their diet. In the winter, they depend on persistent fruits more than at any other time of year. Tree and shrub species that provide fruit include black cherry, serviceberry, sumac, dogwood, grape, honeysuckle, bittersweet, viburnum, greenbrier, American holly, mountain ash, spice bush, and pokeweed.

Habitat Requirements

Planting these and other trees and shrubs that retain their fruit through the winter, or encouraging the growth of such trees and shrubs already present on the site, increases the quality of year-round habitat. Bluebirds are very susceptible to pesticides, which are thought to be one of the main causes of their historic population declines. Insecticides reduce the amount of food insects available to bluebirds. In addition, many insecticides and herbicides are toxic to bluebirds, especially young nestlings. Therefore, minimize the amount of pesticides used in bluebird habitats.

Exterior plywood won't warp or split. Other wood should be protected from the weather. Light, neutral colors of paint, stain, or clear sealer may be applied on outside of box only, and allowed to dry and air thoroughly.

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  7. Pressure-treated wood contains copper arsenate and should not be used. Metal flashing tacked over cut ends of back and roof seam prevents water entry. Side or front should swing open for monitoring and cleaning, and should be secured at bottom with a screw to prevent tampering. Top-opening boxes are hard to clean and must be mounted too low to be safe from predators. The floor should be 8 inches below the entry hole.