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It was the first single released by Eurythmics in the US. Following its success, their previous single, " Love Is a Stranger ", was re-released and also became a worldwide hit. In , the song was remixed and reissued to promote Eurythmics' Greatest Hits album. It re-charted in the UK, reaching number 48, and was also a moderate hit in dance clubs.

Another remix by Steve Angello was released in France in , along with the track " I've Got a Life " peaking at number Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart wrote the song after the Tourists had broken up and they formed Eurythmics. Although the two of them also broke up as a couple, they continued to work together.

They became interested in electronic music and bought new synthesisers to play around with. According to Stewart, he managed to produce the beat and riff of the song on one of their new synthesisers, and Lennox, on hearing it, said: "What the hell is that?

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According to Lennox, the lyrics reflected the unhappy time after the break up of the Tourists, when she felt that they were "in a dream world", and that whatever they were chasing was never going to happen. She described the song as saying: "Look at the state of us.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - X-Men: Apocalypse - Quicksilver Theme Song

How can it get worse? The song was an expression of how I felt: hopeless and nihilistic. Electronics noise reduction unit, and a single Beyerdynamic M TG microphone. To fill out the complement of instruments, Lennox played a borrowed Oberheim OB-X for sustained string sounds. Their only microphone, a utilitarian model typically used for hi-hat , performed all the acoustic duties, including tracking Lennox's vocals.

Stewart recalls he was in a manic mood while Lennox was depressed. Stewart was upbeat because he had just survived surgery on a punctured lung, and felt like he had been given a new lease on life. Lennox was feeling low because of the poor results from past musical work. She perked up when she heard Stewart first experimenting with the song's bass line sequence. She "leapt off the floor" and started to fill in the song with the Oberheim synth.

According to Stewart, the record company did not think the song was suitable as a single as it lacked a chorus.

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However, when a radio DJ in Cleveland kept playing the song from the album, and it generated a strong local response, the label decided to release it. The single entered the UK chart at number 63 in February and reached number two the following month. The single debuted at number 90 and slowly eased up the chart. The music video for "Sweet Dreams" was directed by Chris Ashbrook and filmed in January , shortly before the single and the album was released.

The video received heavy airplay on the then-fledgling MTV channel and is widely considered a classic clip from the early-MTV era. The music video begins with a fist pounding on a table, with the camera panning up to reveal Lennox in a boardroom, with images of a Saturn V launch projected on a screen behind her, which are later replaced by a shot of a crowd walking down a street. Stewart is shown typing on a computer actually an MCS drum computer.

The camera cuts to Lennox and Stewart meditating on the table. Stewart is next shown playing a cello in a field. The scene then returns to the boardroom, with Lennox and Stewart lying down on the table, and a cow walking around them. Stewart is shown again typing on the computer, with the cow chewing something right next to him. The scene cuts to the duo in a field, with a herd of cows, and Stewart still typing. Lennox and Stewart are then seen floating in a boat, with Stewart again playing a cello. The video ends with Lennox lying in bed, with the last shot being a book on a nightstand bearing a cover identical to the album.

Rádios que tocam Eurythmics

The screen then fades to black as Lennox turns off the bedside lamp. Lennox's androgynous visual image, with close-cropped, orange-coloured hair, and attired in a man's suit brandishing a cane, immediately made her a household name. A second video was also produced, featuring Lennox and Stewart on a train. A close-up shot of Lennox's lips is occasionally seen in the train car's window as she sings the song.

Sweet dreams are made of this

The song is also included in the "Backstage Romance" number of Moulin Rouge! Marilyn Manson released a cover version as the first single from Smells Like Children , an EP of covers, remixes and interludes. In his autobiography , the band's eponymous vocalist said he fought their label to have this track released as a single, saying: "They didn't want to release [it], which I knew would be a song that even people who didn't like our band would like. We battled the label this time, and learned we could win.

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  • It was a disheartening experience, but it didn't hurt half as much as the fact that no one at our label ever congratulated us on the success of the song. The track became the band's first legitimate hit. The music video was directed by American photographer Dean Karr , [52] and was shot near downtown Los Angeles. It featured images of the vocalist self-mutilating while wearing a tutu , [53] as well as scenes of him riding a pig. Britney Spears created a music video using Manson's version of the song. Still freaky after all these years.

    If you were to drop this quote at a dinner party, would you get an in-unison "awww" or would everyone roll their eyes and never invite you back? Here it is, on a scale of Well, we are making sweeping statements about humanity here, so that's gonna bump you up the pretension scale. All rights reserved.

    Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - The Marilyn Manson Wiki

    Quotes Shmoop will make you a better lover Sweet dreams are made of this; who am I to disagree? Back to all quotes. Though they had hits in England before, this one blasted them to worldwide fame. Guess the world wanted the abuse—but who are we to disagree, right? Check out the original video , complete with Annie Lennox wielding a riding crop. Well, you've definitely heard the chorus of this famous song as sung by The Eurythmics on the radio at some point.

    You might've also seen that episode of Parks and Rec where Denise Yermley sings it at a telethon. And then there's the Marilyn Manson cover, which catapulted him to mainstream success just as the original did for The Eurythmics. You might've heard him growl these lyrics in movies like Trick r' Treat, House on Haunted Hill , or in the trailer for Wrath of the Titans. Here's a link to the demonic video that started it all.