Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith and Politics After the Religious Right

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Honestly, the guy was just not bright. My question is, where do they get off? EJD: I want to just make an observation to answer your question. The observation is it always is remarkable to me that my conservative Catholic friends urge us to follow the bishops to the letter on any issue they agree with them on, and then go after the bishops when the bishops to say things they disagree with. The same is true, by the way, on the Iraq war, where the Catholic bishops and the Pope oppose the Iraq war. And I think you can go back and look at what they said, and they actually did know what they were talking about.

Arthur Laffer is not the only economist out there, and you know, there is Galbraith and Laffer, and there was, you know, there are progressive economists.

Souled out : reclaiming faith and politics after the

EJD: …you know, who have different views of the economy than supply siders. So there is no one orthodox, absolutely established economic view that has been proven true. And the bishops took a side. HH: But do they have the ability, do they have the credentials, E. At some point, and if you read Walter Russell Mead, or many people of the center, there grows an enormous appreciation for dynamic capitalism. Not marginal tax rates tweaked here or there, but an emphatic and absolute statement that the only thing that works in the long run is capitalism, not socialism, not communism, just capitalism.

EJD: Oh, I think they say it in their letter. I wish I had the page…it would take me too long to flip through that chapter, but they say it in that letter.

An Interview with E.J. Dionne Jr. Part 2

You know, the conservatives act as if the bishops on these things, on these issues, were nincompoops. There are a lot of very smart bishops who cared about economics, and had a different view, much more shaped by an old, if you will, a New Deal tradition of the kind of capitalism we want. HH: But he captured the bishops. The bishops were wholly run by their staff in this exercise. They showed up, they talked a little bit, they had a good dinner, and they issued these letters.

EJD: No, I think…well, first of all, I think there is a range of knowledge among bishops, as there is a range of knowledge among all kinds of people, including journalists and radio talk show hosts. HH: I want to return and close our conversation this week on bishops, and what they know, and why Catholic bishops have gotten economics so wrong. I hate to sound like Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon, remember that terrible moment when Eisenhower was asked, you know, I could tell you something important Nixon did as vice president, but it would take me two weeks?

Your response? And you know, when I have the…we mentioned Mike Novak earlier. Now where are you this week? Are you back in D. HH: No. I thought he was at Brookings. HH: Yes. HH: laughing Fair enough. HH: Wonderful place.

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EJD: Yes. EJD: …the supply side traditions. EJD: Right.

And Bryan is as smart as anyone. I think even you might agree with me on that. Deans Chemerinsky and Eastman, left and right, agree that the California Appeals Court decision against home schooling is wrong. Follow Hugh Hewitt Hugh Hewitt. Tweets by hughhewitt. Tweets by Radioblogger. X Send this post to a friend: E. Dionne on Souled Out, Pt. Your Name required. Your Email Address required.

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Friend's Name required. Do you see evidence of a "God gap" in American politics? What changes have there been in Democratic outreach to religious voters in the past few years? Compare John F. Kennedy's speech in Houston and Barack Obama's speech in Washington and the way they spoke of church and state, religion and politics, and discuss E. Dionne's suggestion that Obama "had a very different take on religion than John F. Kennedy did. He was basically arguing to liberals that liberals had to be open to the idea that, yes, religious people will bring their religions beliefs to the public square.

President Obama's inaugural address included the statement that Americans "cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass. Religion has always been central to the national narrative and to America's sense of mission at home and abroad. How important do you think it will remain to the American story? What religious directions do you imagine the American story might take in the years ahead? Dionne Jr.

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  • Onward Christian Soldiers? Religious Landscape Survey Based on interviews with more than 35, Americans, this survey explored the shifts taking place in the United States and found "that religious affiliation is both very diverse and extremely fluid. National Association of Evangelicals Formed in , this association represents more than 45, local churches from more than 40 different denominations. Center for Religion and Civic Culture: The Soul of Los Angeles Photographer Jerry Berndt has documented the religious diversity of Los Angeles for this University of Southern California research center which supports scholarship "on the civic role of religion in a globalizing world.

    Center for Religion and Civic Culture: "Immigrant Religion in the City of Angels" PDF This two-year project studied the role of religion for new immigrants to Los Angeles, a major gateway city and "home to a population where one person in three is foreign born. Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals This research center at Wheaton College sponsors academic conferences and seminars, publishes books, and undertakes research projects on American evangelicalism.

    Its website includes an evangelical timeline, a biographical gallery of famous American evangelicals, bibliographies, and links to related resources. Bush, and the influence of evangelical Christians. They worried that the nation was adrift on a secular sea, unmoored from its Christian foundations, and they wanted to change the culture. Their ambitions were large, and they succeeded in transforming the religious and political landscape of the country.

    Their embrace of presidential politics, though, would ultimately end in disappointment and questions about the mixing of religion and politics. Across America, the religious marketplace expanded as new waves of immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and Latin America made the United States the most religiously diverse nation on earth. In the presidential election, the re-emergence of a religious voice in the Democratic Party brought the country to a new plateau in its struggle to reconcile faith with politics.

    God in America closes with reflections on the role of faith in the public life of the country, from the ongoing quest for religious liberty to the enduring idea of America as the "city on a hill" envisioned by the Puritans nearly years ago. With Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and other prominent evangelicals in attendance, Reagan addressed the crowd of 15, Christian conservatives: Religious America is awakening, perhaps just in time for our country's sake. If we believe God has blessed America with liberty, then we have not just a right to vote but a duty to vote.

    We have not just the freedom to work in campaigns and run for office and comment on public affairs. We have a responsibility to do so. If you do not speak your mind and cast your ballot, then who will speak and work for the ideals we cherish? Who will vote to protect the American family and respect its interests in the formulation of public policy?

    I know you can't endorse me because this is a nonpartisan crowd, but I A New Religious and Political America At the same time that Christian evangelicals were re-entering the public square and seeking political power in order to restore America's status as a Christian nation, the American religious marketplace was undergoing dramatic changes that would have political implications.

    He has an enviable flair for moving the reader along almost effortlessly and yet making clear and compelling arguments. There are fresh insights here in abundance. Dionne Jr. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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