Financial Abundance: Thriving in an Economic Winter

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It's mid-winter, and you've probably long forgotten about your New Year's resolutions. But that doesn't mean it's too late to be thinking about the money moves you want to make in And with tax season upon us, this is a great time to really think about your finances.

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The financial forecast for may bring us some surprising twists and turns as Uranus the planet of radical change moves back into financially savvy Taurus on March 7, where it will stay until April 26, Natural gas continues to grow its share of the heating and power market, so the condition of gas inventories and delivery capability are critical in winter. More injections are expected in the next few weeks before the deeper cold of winter starts to create a net pull on gas, and so inventories are expected to exceed the five-year average see graph.

But staff nonetheless returned to the issue of "fuel availability," stating that "availability of coal and fuel oil" can be important in cold-weather periods. Staff avoided giving a response by falling back on the term "fuel diversity.

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Regardless of the coal-nuclear-gas debate, in the short term, gas users and traders have recognized that gas is abundant, and prices are well below those of a year ago. But regional differences are immense, as measured by basis from Henry Hub.

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  • New York City experienced the largest declines from last winter. Chatterjee asked about the high prices in New England, which have been blamed for many years on a lack of sufficient gas pipeline infrastructure.

    How to Survive & Thrive in This Financial Bankers Dictatorship !!

    Staff response addressed this only indirectly, by noting that both Algonquin and Texas Eastern have said that they will have to reduce deliveries for periods of time this fall to conduct integrity testing, and this this could account for some of the price discrepancy. Where is record demand coming from?

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    The other demand factor, of course, is LNG exports. From March to October , more than 3 Bcfd of new LNG export capacity went in-service, representing the largest concentration of capacity additions in the short history of U.

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    LNG exports," staff noted. This led Chatterjee to ask if the trend will continue, or it's peaked.

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    Staff said that they see another 1. In addition to expressing his skepticism that coal power is important in New York or New England, Glick listed a few other complaints with both the process to develop the winter assessment and its contents.

    This laid bare the rift between him and the Republican commissioners, and McNamee answered Glick in several instances. Twice Glick said that FERC broke with prior practice by having staff present the winter assessment without the commissioners having a chance to review it and comment in advance.

    He criticized this new policy and said it would lead to a report that is less comprehensive and accurate.