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They studied Newscasting and Audiovisual Media Productions. Mila is their first feature. Unwillingly, Daniel begins a journey to unravel the truth about her wife, the reason why everything feels so out of place. Capgras is a journey of doubt, sex, and violence. Capgras es su primer trabajo como directora. Capgras is her first work as a director. La impaciencia crece, los clientes vienen y van, los asesinos… esperan.

Murderers tells the violent wait of two men who interrupt the tranquility of a bleak restaurant with their arrival. As the story unfolds their dark intentions are revealed.

Cuando Acabe El Verano

The impatience grows, customers come and go, and the murderers Myriam Pareja, Francisco Ginot. Eva, a 73 -year-old woman, faces long days of loneliness until love appears to change her life, and make her feel alive once again. Before becoming a high-school graduate, he completed his first short, Homo-Eructus , which won many local awards.

The spider's Laullaby is a tale that deals with the reality of thousands of business area workers in peripheral zones, where the constant xenophobia, humiliation and confrontation end up being, in many cases, the only means of communication between people that, even though they can avoid it, are determined to stay in these spaces. Most of the dialogues and situations are based on true events that took place recently, and this is an area I have moved around during most of my adult life, many times mistreating or being mistreated.

Constantly mistreating them, he never gives them a break, creating a high level of unease in the everyday work routine.

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Campusano continues to depict a rough suburban realism, focusing on a simple conflict in order to deepen into a non-stylized violence that emerges in different ways —both explicit and subtle— on verbal and physical relations, and even in silent looks. Shot almost entirely in the back room of a hardware store —creating a unity of space through tight framings—, the location gains a prison-like and even claustrophobic dimension. Apart from some shorts and mid-length features, he directed the feature-length fiction films Vile Romance ; 23rd Festival , Viking , 24th Festival , Mud ; 27th Festival , Phantoms of the Road ; 28th Festival , and Dog Molina ; 29th Festival.

Ese es el valor de la historia. Of course it can. In order to shoot this film, we went on the road without knowing if it was going to rain or if we were going to find the chosen locations. Many thought we were insane, but I wanted the film to absorb the spirit of the actual trip.

Even though the narrative is faithful to the script, the true result of the journey is in the actors. Y tal vez por esa misma curiosidad frente a lo que la vida le pone delante es que acepta la propuesta de Jalil, un cliente regular, que le pide que lo lleve desde Buenos Aires hasta La Paz, Bolivia. That is why he only has to see the grill in the patio of the first house he visits with his wife in order to decide to rent it, and after receiving countless wrong-number phone calls asking for an extinct car service, he decides to make a living as a driver onboard the other love of his life, the Peugeot he inherited from his old man.

Camino a La Paz es su primer largometraje. He participated in a scriptwriting workshop by Pablo Solarz, and also studied playwriting and scriptwriting.

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Road to La Paz is his first feature-length film. Desde que nacemos buscamos respuestas. Pero no nos alcanzan y tenemos el impulso de buscar otras; nuestras propias respuestas. En definitiva todos cruzamos un desierto cargando pesadas enciclopedias incompletas. We search for answers ever since we are born. In the beginning, we get them from our parents, then religion, school, nature, the horoscope, psychoanalysis, and self-help.

We even search for them in movies. In a tollbooth at the beginning of the Desert Route, Celina works where time seems suspended, even though her surroundings, that open perspective in the desolate landscape, seem to point to a new horizon. Maintaining the tone across different narrative levels, the first feature by Fernando Salem uses different resources —such as the interview and the intimist or contemplative narration— in order to sketch the inner and outer worlds of his character, achieving a one-of-a-kind density in each of the ideas that make the plot move forward.

Este es su primer largometraje, y actualmente adapta al cine la novela Agosto, de Romina Paula. Desde la perspectiva del encierro. Mostrar una parte del sistema y su margen. The fact that he was an attorney and had some prison experience allowed us to tell about the multiple aspects of criminality. Telling from somewhere alien to the rigid structures of the legal world. From the perspective of confinement. Showing a part of the system and its margins. How punishment falls upon bodies in the margins, becomes concrete and goes through personal, social and family ties. How criminality remains separated from or at odds with morality.

We try to show the contradictions and multiple interpretations that come from it. Pero Alfredo no es un buitre rastrero, tiene valores que sustentan su tarea, tiene una causa. A dark shadow hangs over the role of defense lawyers whose arguments are aimed at freeing criminals. But Alfredo is not a blood-sucking vulture: Apart from the hardships of spending his days in prisons and dubious places, he believes his mission is to provide kids the chance of a different life, and showing them how it would be.

The Docile Bodies is her directorial debut. Juan Manuel Lima P: Y los ganadores son los hombres verdaderos: Argentine soccer fans go to see games with the same cathartic need that drives religious people to church and drove the Greek to the Theatre of Dionysus. And the winners are the real men: How to disarm that identity logic acknowledging the creative potential of popular passions was the question that guided this film.

Y, en ese punto, Hijos nuestros capta algo verdaderamente argentino, ese anhelo ingenuo y hasta tierno de que todo sufrimiento y presente gris se solucione en un quiebre de la cintura, en una red que se infla. Entertainment, empty fanaticism, or a vehicle for national chaos: One of them is, of course, soccer, particularly the San Lorenzo de Almagro team, which is his religion, his creed, and his reason to live.

For Hugo, soccer expresses his aspirations of social rise, love, and building a family. Egresados de la ENERC, trabajaron en diversos cortos exhibidos en festivales nacionales e internacionales. Y Hortensia, en su mundo de zapatos de brillos y cabezas de alce, se merece el amor, vivir libre del yugo de hombres tristes que usan demasiada gomina.

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In that universe where the air of the greater Buenos Aires coexists with the echoes of a Sixties' Soviet universe, this altruist comedy sketches a game of relations —a compendium of the strange elements and coincidences necessary for any human interaction to prosper. But it's also a tale of initiation, a heroine's journey from a labyrinth of boxes and display windows to freedom, which lies across a series of obstacles that involve leaving infancy behind and becoming an adult.

With the deadpan tone of an intimate comedy, Hortensia goes through her father's death by electrocution and her boyfriend is rude cheat with one of her friends —but those who knows how to persevere and never quit eventually find what they deserve. And Hortensia —in her universe of shiny shoes and moose heads— deserves love, and a life free from the yoke of sad men who wear too much hair gel.

Hortensia es su primer largometraje como director. Hortensia is his first film. Vista Sur Films I: Especially one like this one, filled with superheroes, subversion, lunacy, fistfights, laser beams, and love. With the years, I realized that the films that interest me are those that invite you to spend some time with a group of characters you can fall in love with villains, heroes and antiheros alike. The rest and the genre itself are just details. In the crossroads of superhero pop culture and local realism, Kryptonite is the adaptation of the sametitled novel by Leonardo Oyola, published in Once they turn the hospital into their base, the plot reveals the origins and past of each member.

It's the game of localizing the features of DC superheroes —from Superman to Flash— only entrenched in a contemporary social portrait.

Just as Oyola did in his novel, Nicanor Loreti has the virtue of projecting conventions from superhero movies —the most productive subgenre in today's cinema— creating a new dimension with toughness, intelligence, and an element of comedy that neither mocks nor condemns pop culture. His next projects are Versus, which will be co-directed with Tamae Garateguy, the sci-fi film Zona de promesas, and 27, co-written with Alex Cox. El Movimiento intenta hablar del poder. Como individuos, nacemos en este mundo y lo descubrimos ya organizado.

Pero ese orden —cualquiera sea— no es casual ni natural. El Movimiento tries to deal with power. As individuals, we are born into this world and we find it already organized, all things and places have names and owners, all elements around us belong to a certain order. But that order, whatever it is, is not random nor natural, I would say. It all started at some point. Coming from a Nation that is as young as years old, I felt that diving into particularly dark periods of our foundation could help me understand the current situation and the prevailing violent idiosyncrasy of our everyday politics.

El Movimiento En esa nebulosa que existe entre el mito fundacional y las acciones de los hombres se forja la patria, y de nada menos se trata El Movimiento: In that nebula that exists between the foundational myth and the actions of men, the nation is forged, and that is what El Movimiento is about: But the nation is created by men, by their demagogy and their irreconcilable antagonisms.

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Any similarity between this political tale of men who promise and kill, betray and bring civilization by way of fire and daggers without resent is not mere coincidence. Naishtat dismantles the Costumbrismo that is so common these days and goes for the poetic, for a liturgy that, at the end of the day, is also very much our own.

He has made such short films as El juego and Historia del mal , as well as the feature Historia del miedo , which premiered at Berlinale and won several awards. Marina Raggio, Laura Aguerrebehere S: From that premise, the story is set in a country farm and focuses on a society in which relationships are branded by incomprehension and hypocrisy, and chooses to ignore the upsetting consequences that might be caused on its environment and the children by the use of transgenic seeds and pesticides.

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Thus, the setting of an altered nature unfolds a contaminated universe in which important issues are kept quiet or blurred. Paula Como casi todo en su vida, Paula lleva su inesperado embarazo en silencio. Like with almost everything else in her life, Paula keeps quiet about her unexpected pregnancy. Not even the owner of the farm where she works and sleeps in seems to have realized about it, neither did the children she babysits and cares for every day, or her ex-boyfriend, who answers with indifference when confronted with the problem.

As it becomes clear when we see her come and go on her Siambretta, Paula is alone —something we can confirm in her meetings with an inflexible woman at the abortion clinic and the owner of the house where everyone is too busy to notice her. Apathy and annoyance, as well as a feeling of constant threat, manifested in details such as the everyday use of guns, or an airplane that flies over and poisons everything with its agrochemicals that emerge from deep down and bring a political density to this story about social classes, inequality, prejudice, and other problems, but mostly about some of the more invisible and common forms of violence.

New PDF release: Duo Javier Herce: Cuando acabe el verano + Desde aquí hasta

He directed the shorts Long Distance, La frontera both , and Gorila baila Nuestro film reconstruye su improbable itinerario, desde la guerra franco-prusiana de hasta la actualidad. Christian Villeneuve, a pioneer in the research and development of electrical energy applied to audiovisual media, is a character that has been absolutely overlooked by official stories.

His tragic life was marked by the desire of finding a way to reanimate corpses, an idea that became an obsession after the death of his wife, opera singer Stilla Mihaly. Our film reconstructs his improbable itinerary, from the Franco-Prussian war of to present day. Gothic horror, B-grade sci-fi, conspiracy fantasy and Historical-Political reflection become connected in a web of associations in the shape of a scientific dissemination documentary.