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It took stones for John Wayne to make The Green Berets as the anti-Vietnam war movement was reaching its peak in Honest injun. Peterson , Aldo Ray as a super gung ho Sgt.

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Muldoon , Raymond St. And Richard Pryor too!

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Go kill some gooks! Plus it has an ending that is guaranteed to make the jaw drop. Need evidence? He really likes it there! Paranoid, no? Kerby relieves the commander Capt. Coleman, who is due to go home the next day. Think of all the kids at central casting they turned down.

Did William Calley write this under a pseudonym? Jesus, it sounds like Lil Abner picking his nose. Hamchunk takes time out to dig the grave. Moments later soldiers trample the modest memorial. I suppose he loves the stench of death in the morning. Smells like…stalemate.

He tells Hyman Roth that such an act tells him something about the rebels—that they can win. The Green Berets makes the same point unwittingly. Then in a final gesture, Kerby has his body flushed down the toilet. Morgan Bruce Cabot and Kerby to discuss a top secret operation to kidnap a VC general who is planning a new offensive.

Tet perhaps? Kai is afraid to parachute. Now we know why Nick Yamana never came out from behind his desk. Well gee Kai, thanks a lot, you put her up to it dumbo. You deserved Wojo. Thanks colonels. Thanks a lot. Nice guy. What a rush! Still no tears for their dead teammates, but at least Kerby tells Kai to take it easy on his sister in law. Where are we, Atlantic City? I just wish Wayne had listened to Kellogg and allowed his actors to put their knees up in every other scene like the cast of The Giant Gila Monster did.

More to the point why does the sun sink into the east? Even Gila got the direction of the sun correct. Who the fuck knows? But that sun thing is awfully weird. And so is this movie. Tell me what you think.

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I cast no aspersions on real Green Berets. These people are no reflections on the real McCoys I gather, and from what I heard, the troops in Vietnam laughed at this film when it came out. When it came to being out of touch in the s, John Wayne rivalled Bob Hope, but even Hope never made a film this off-the-chart repulsive and believe me, he tried.

All together now:. Movies are not perfect, so do you. Live long and prosper. Like Like.

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Were you in favor of the war in Vietnam? As many mistakes are in the movie, almost silly if you think about it, I still consider it one of my all time favorite movies.

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Go figure. Thanks for your views. Much obliged. What a cynic you are!! Have you forgotten or did you ever know that the Communists wanted to take over the whole world? When they did take over in Southeast Asia the committed mass murder. Like Liked by 1 person. Black Ass White Gash 8.

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